Bring the highest quality live dramatic arts performances to Bermuda!

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And, most importantly, make a dramatic difference for the youth of Bermuda!

Our Society is committed to bringing live theatre of the highest artistic quality to the shores of Bermuda, from musical theatre like our upcoming fall production of Mamma Mia to fine dramatic performances such as Animal Farm and The History Boys.

More importantly, however, the Society engages in performing arts programmes and awards scholarships that give Bermuda’s young people a unique, invaluable chance to learn and grow.

Our Patrons’ programme gives you the chance to play a major role and entitles you to valuable membership rights and other perks. This year, Patrons receive the following valuable items:

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Please join us as a patron and help us to embrace our mission to create educational and recreational opportunities for our community. In 2012, Patron support brought a positive influence of the performing arts into the lives of more than 100 of Bermuda’s youth. With your help, we will extend that reach.

From acting, singing and dancing to hip-hop and poetry, performing arts programmes help young people develop the confidence and self-esteem that can carry them through their entire lives. They make new friends, discover hidden talents, gain an appreciation for the arts and build skills in communication and presentation.

In addition, our Theatre Arts Scholarship has continued to provide support for young people studying overseas.

It’s your generous support that helps us make such a dramatic difference. Won’t you please consider becoming a Patron? And, if you already participate, perhaps you might increase your contribution?

Help us keep the curtain from going down on Bermuda’s youth.